APC Group Energy Solutions





Save up to 75% on your current electricity bill with our photovoltaic systems and energy efficiency consultations. APC Group Energy Solutions aims at giving the client more value for their money, whether its for your own personal home, your business or the municipality as a whole, APC Group Energy Solutions will go out of its way to save you as much money on electricity as possible.
Our services include:
Energy Efficiency Consultations
Construction and Maintenance of Single & 3-phase Electrical systems
Construction and Maintenance of Photovoltaic systems
  • Grid-inter-tied
  • Grid-inter-tied with back-up
  • Off Grid
Construction and Maintenance of Solar farms/plants and Power stations
Solar Geysers, timers and Solar thermal collectors
Solar Electric security fencing
Solar traffic lights & street lights
LED lights
Heat pumps
Air Conditioning
Network Cabling
Bio SuperCap Technology


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